Boundary Shaft Replacements

Titan Plumbing Services specialise in the excavation, and replacement, of boundary shafts and sewer lines.

Boundary trap replacement is the most common part of a sewer drain that needs replacing. Many older properties in Melbourne still have terracotta drains that dislodge and break.

The boundary shaft runs in a vertical direction from the surface. It will either have an inspection opening or a ground vent, from here it goes straight down in a vertical run anywhere between 1m-6m deep and at the bottom of this vertical shaft you have a boundary trap ( water seal ). The most common place where the sewer pipe cracks, brakes or collapses is where the horizontal pipes meet the vertical pipe ( the boundary shaft ) leading out to the water authorities drain.

If your drains are continuously blocking then call Titan Plumbing Services today and we can clear, camera inspect and identify the cause and if needed, excavate and repair the problem for good.