Sewer Blockages

Titan Plumbing Services specialise in the clearing of blocked drains Melbourne wide. We use specialty equipment and expert knowledge to locate and clear blocked drains in your home or commercial premise.


Not only can we clear your blocked toilet, shower, sewer and more. But we can locate the source of any problems and complete any drain rectification works necessary to ensure your drains run clear.

Drain cleaning services we provide include:

– Basin blockages

– Shower blockages

– Toilet blockages

– Urinal blockages

– Kitchen Sink blockages

– Laundry Trough blockages

– Stormwater drain blockages

– Below ground sewer blockages

– CCTV camera inspection services

– CCTV pipe locating services

– 24/7 emergency blockages and plumbing services


From clearing your sewer blockage, to any drain replacement works that may be needed. Our expert team at Titan have the knowledge, experience, and specialty equipment to complete all necessary works and keep your sewer pipes running clear.