Gas Line Replacements

Titan Plumbing Services specialise in gas line replacements and upgrades in Melbourne.

We have the specialty tools and equipment to complete your gas line works. When completing a gas line replacement or installation, Australian standards must be adhered to ensuring that your gas installation is safe, and capable of delivering the gas consumption that your gas appliances require.


Why would your gas line need replacing?

– Many households in Melbourne still have galvanized pipes installed which due to rusting and old age begin to leak.

– Damage can occur to gas lines from human error, or underground movement causing leaks.

– Gas companies perform tests on domestic gas lines whilst completing their system upgrades. If they detect a leaking gas line, they will shut down your system and a plumber will need to be called to identify, and repair.

– Due to some gas appliances consuming larger amounts of gas, gas line upgrades are required to cope with the higher demand of gas flow to your appliances.


Other Gas services provided by Titan include:

– Hot water service installations and replacements

– Gas appliance installations and replacements

– Gas appliance servicing

– Gas line leak detection and repairs

– 24/7 emergency plumbing