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At Titan Plumbing our professional plumbers have seen their fair share of blocked drains in Sunshine. In fact, one of the main reasons our plumbers are called out on jobs is to unblock drains. Fortunately, while the issue is all too common, it is simple to prevent when you know the telltale signs. To ensure you know how to spot a blocked drain before it worsens, follow our plumbers from Sunshine’s tips below.

Avoid calling a plumber in Sunshine by looking out for these common causes:

Foreign objects

It’s important to remember that drains are equipped for only certain objects. For example, toilets are designed purely for the human waste they dispose of, plus a small amount of toilet paper. Often drains get blocked because people are too heavy handed with the toilet paper. It’s also pretty common for people to try and dispose of other sanitary items down the toilet like tampons and nappies. However, toilets do not have the ability to wash these away and blockages can occur. Young children can also be to blame for causing blocked drains with foreign objects. They often don’t understand what can and cannot be thrown into the toilet, so sometimes a whole toilet roll or toys can be flushed down the toilet.

Leaves and trees

Autumn can be a very bad season for plumbing. As leaves turn brown and drop from trees, they pile up in gardens and start to cause havoc. Most people are concerned about the visual affect stray leaves have on their garden. However, more importantly they can find their way into your drains and block them. Keeping on top of garden maintenance during this season is essential to avoid blocked drains. In addition to leaves, it’s also crucial to look out for the affects of tree roots. These underground intruders are attracted to the nearest water source and can grow down into pipes, causing them to crack and then creating blockages.


Anyone with long hair will know only too well the peril it causes to plumbing. Hair somehow manages to find a way to get into drains. Unavoidable tasks like washing your hair and even brushing your hair are the common ways hair can get into a drain. While a few hairs here and there might not seem like a big problem, over time they build up and can form a giant hair ball that blocks the drain. The simple task of adding a strainer to your drains can stop hair going down into the drain, ensuring your drain stays clear.

Grease and fat

Grease and fat are one of the most common causes of blockages, but the good news is they are one of the simplest to avoid. These types of blockages are caused when fatty substances are poured down the drain. Once inside the drain they build up on the pipes and eventually create a blockage that doesn’t allow liquid to run through. To prevent this type of problem occurring, homeowners need to be careful of what they pour down the drain. For example, if there is a baking tray with left over oil in it, drain the oil into a bin and then wash it. Don’t ever pour fat, oil or grease directly down the drain.

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